High-Temperature MOCVD Overview




1.     Mass Production for :

           GaN/AlN on Si for GaN FET / PA

           GaN/AlN on SiC for HEMT / RF

           GaN/AlN on Sapphire for HEMT / RF

           Deep UV LED AlN Template


2.     Wafer Loading Capacity : 6 inch x 4 pcs4 inch x 8 pcs2 inch x 30 pcs

l   TaC Coated Graphite Susceptor for High Temp Operation


3.     Reactor Sector

l   Vertical Gas Injection type / Stainless Steel

l   Max. Operation Temperature : 1400°C

l   Typical Process Pressure: 30 ~ 600 Torr

l   External Heat Exchange to Control Showerhead Temperature

l   ouble-O-Ring System for Reactor Lid Leak Tightness Control

l   RF Induction Coil for Heating

l   Ferro-fluidic Rotation Mechanism / Max. 200rpm

l   Lens Type Pyrometer for Temperature Control

l   Laytec, Epi Twin TT module (Two EpiTT head) : Standard

l   Laytec, Epi Curve module : Option



4.     Gas Delivery System(GDS) Sector

l   Standard MO Channels with Thermal Bath :

(TMGa x 1, TMAl x 1, TMln x 1, Cp2Mg x 1, spare line x 1)

l   Double Dilution MO Channel with Thermal Bath (DTMGa x 1)

l   Standard Reagent Gas Channels (Hydride Source) – NH3 x 1

l   Dilution Dopant Gas Channels (SiH4 x 1)

l   Inline Gas Purifier (H2 / N2 / NH3)

l   Differential Pressure Balancing between Run and Vent line

l   Purge Channels for Reactor, Pyrometer and Optical Ports

l   Leak Test Port with Access to All Parts of The System

l   Run/Vent Stack with Manifold Valve for Hydride & MO Sources


5.     Electric Control Sector : PLC & PC Base Control


6.     Glove box

l   Glove Box with inert gas flow & Three gloves

l   Pressure control & Over pressure protection

l   Circulation and Regeneration Unit

l   Integrated O2 Sensor, Moisture Sensor


7.     Laytec, EpiTwin TT Controller (Two EpiTT Head)


8.     Dry Pump : EBARA ESA70W

l   Pumping Speed : 7000/8400 @ 50/60Hz

l   Ultimate Pressure : 2 mTorr@60Hz, 3 mTorr@50Hz

9.     Safety System

l   Gas Detector (H2 / NH3)

l   Pressure Sensor and Gauge

l   Alarm Interface with Peripheral Equipment

l   Emergency Stop

10.  Spare Parts

l   1 set of Inner and Outer Liner

l   1 set of Quartz Reflector

l   1 set of O-ring

l   1 set of Rotation support

l   1 set of Process Filter