About us

Company Name Pro-Hanns Technology Co., LTD
People 20 Colleagues
Business Scope Secondary Equipment Trading, Refurbishment and Reconfiguration, Remarketing, Valuation, Rental
Global Location PHT Taiwan
PHT Korea
PHT ShangHai


PHT is dedicated to second-hand trading equipment, refine machinery' and equipment' refurbishment and transformation, professional assembly shipping and logistics support. Meanwhile, we focus on equipment evaluation, acquisitions, batch sales, auction, lease and other services.


Since 2015, PHT has become one of Asia's leading semiconductor equipment and LED market leaders, with sufficient amount of quality supplies ranking the top three within the country, we have began comprehensive strategic cooperations with both vendors and buyers in South Korea, Japan and China.


PHT is working toward to establish the one-stop station platform in the country, where we are bringing together the world's leading technology and equipment, and to provide our customers the most effective solutions within the resources. PHT is abundant in storing high-end refine machines in various Product Categories and will serve our clients with our professional knowledge and extended priority.


While being a well-known semiconductor equipment and LED market leader in Asia, PHT also carries the social responsibilities to commence in-depth cooperations with more machinery and equipment manufacturers. Sharing the right knowledge and resources with our clients and first-hand high-tech experience. Together, we can create a sustainable business ecosystem.